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Spacious house nestled in a snowy forest with a majestic mountain towering in the background.



Welcome to a personalized experience in finding your dream home and embracing the Canmore lifestyle.

As your local guide and real estate expert, I offer a comprehensive range of tailored services to ensure your seamless transition to Canmore.

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Why not plop down some roots here in the Bow Valley? From that first little nudge in your belly (that’s intuition!!!) to bringing your relocation dreams to life, you can count on us. Not only have we helped others just like you, we WERE you!!


Seven years ago, we decided it was time to stop visiting and to permanently make this paradise our home. There is no better feeling than creating a life that you are excited to come back from vacation to. Can you imagine that?


Be sure to contact us to discuss how to turn your dreams into reality. Knowing buyer rules in a national park (Banff) and having knowledge about foreign buyer restrictions in certain areas is very important when planning a move to the Bow Valley. 


Adventurous snowboarder enjoying the scenic views from a mountaintop in Canmore.
Relaxed woman savoring a cup of tea by a serene lake in Canmore's tranquil setting.

Planning to come to the Bow Valley for a vacation?! Staying with us at Valley and Peak is the easy choice! Our selection of vacation rentals provides the right combination of comforts of home, local touches, and “the vibe” that our returning vacationers have come to expect.


CLICK HERE to see what vacation rentals we have to offer. You won’t regret choosing us.


Getting to know you better is the key to providing you with a customized and exciting experience. We look forward to chatting with you about …….. you! We’re excited to hear about your dreams, and your plans, and to help you figure out how you fit perfectly into the amazing Bow Valley.


Are you ready to start your adventure in Canmore?! Whether you want to plan an unforgettable vacation to the Rockies or you’re ready for something bigger, we’ve got you covered. 


Schedule a complimentary call with us below.

At Valley and Peak, we are happy to customize a relocation package to fit your individual needs. We offer guided tours, local recommendations, and virtual home showings throughout the valley.


We are also happy to conduct virtual home showings for those times when your dream property comes onto the market and you are not here.


The comprehensive support and Valley and Peak will provide you with a smooth relocation experience from beginning to end. Don’t forget to ask us about the unheard-of value we can offer to our buyers! Hint: House hunting stays and tour costs are comped with the successful purchase of your perfect property!


Scenic lake with vibrant red canoe boats against the backdrop of towering mountains in Canmore.
Charming residential houses nestled amidst the majestic mountains of Canmore.

Already created a life you love and live in the perfect place? We’re thrilled to hear that as there is no better feeling than living life in alignment with your heart’s desire. 


If you’re like some of our customers, you love where you live but would  REALLY LOVE a place to escape to that offers all of the comforts of home and nature right at your doorstep. Perhaps you would keep it just for you OR you could find a reliable property management company (ahem - Valley and Peak Property Co!) and have your property put money in your pocket. We know what travelers want and are happy to offer you a seamless experience from conception to purchasing your property and beyond. At Valley and Peak, we pride ourselves in protecting your investment as if it were our own. Schedule a complimentary call with us for more details. 


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