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Parking at Lake Louise and Moraine Lake

Whether you are a seasoned pro or this is your first trip to Banff National Park, there have been some recent changes you NEED to be aware of if Lake Louise or Moraine Lake are on your do-list.

woman in blue shirt and black pants standing with arms outstretched looking over a lake
Lake Louise

Take a Shuttle

Shuttles are your best way to see both sites in the most stress free way possible. Please be aware that reservations for this season’s shuttle open on April 18, 2024.

A new shuttle called the Alpine Start Shuttle has been added this year and is geared toward hikers, scramblers, and hikers who need to get an even earlier start on the day to accomplish their missions. There are two daily departures for the Alpine Start Shuttle - 4 am and 5 am. Yes. You read that right! 

view of blue lake and snow capped mountains behind
Moraine Lake

Paid Parking

If you prefer to take your own car, there is paid parking available from 3 am - 7 pm starting in May. The current parking rates are $36.75 for the day and there is no option to pay by the hour. This is your warning, though……. Parking is NOT guaranteed and we have had many Valley & Peak guests be turned away for arriving after the lot is full!

photo of clear blue lake with mountains in the distance
Lake Louise


Starting in the spring of 2024, Parks Canada will be working on a construction project that will improve Lake Louise Drive. The objective of this project is to upgrade the infrastructure to better accommodate vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians on this road that sees over one million vehicles every single year! Please expect and plan for traffic disruptions as they work to make these important improvements.

The main thing is to PLAN AHEAD and book your shuttles in advance/take transit if possible!

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