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How to Navigate Parking in Canmore

Updated: Mar 19

Canmore is a small town that has big adventure to offer. Due to the natural beauty and cool vibe of Canmore, visitors are drawn here from all over the world… for all types of reasons! Summer, long weekends, and all holidays are especially busy in our mountain town. Having the inside scoop on parking in Canmore can be a game changer.

There is paid parking in downtown Canmore. 8th Street Canmore where you will find many shops, restaurants, and art galleries.
Main Street Canmore

Where To Find Parking In Canmore

Parking Downtown: 

There is so much to explore in downtown Canmore - shops, restaurants, bars, and art galleries galore. There is paid parking on main street (8th Street) and the streets surrounding it. If you’d like to park as close to the action as possible, you will have to pay. There are various signs downtown directing you on how to get this accomplished.

If you don’t like messing with QR codes/apps, CLICK HERE to pay for your parking in advance before you leave for the day!

If you are able and/or don’t mind walking a few blocks, plenty of free parking can be found around the downtown core. When you’re scouting, just be sure to watch for certain areas that require a resident permit and don't park there.

Canmore Nordic Centre is the site of the 1988 winter olympics. Cross country skiing and mountain biking are two popular activities in the area. Canmore Nordic Centre is located in kananaskis provincial park and requires a parking pass to visit.
Canmore Nordic Centre

Parking at Trailheads:

If you plan to stop at the Canmore Nordic Center or other trails, such as Grassi Lakes, these are in Kananaskis Provincial Park and require a Kananaskis Conservation Pass.

Pro tip: There are lots of areas in Kananaskis that do not have any cell signal or data. You may not be able to buy your pass on the fly or when you arrive. It’s definitely worth it to purchase one of these passes. Not only does it help keep our parks stunningly beautiful, there are hefty fines for not following the rules.

Whatever your plans are during your stay, use these tips and don’t let parking ruin your day. Being a few steps in ahead can save you a whole world of hassle!

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