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Top Five Family Hikes Near Canmore

Updated: Mar 19

There are endless adventures for your family in the Canmore area. You will not believe the fun that can be had with kids of any age. Around every corner, you will find something new and exciting to climb, examine, throw, jump off of, or explore. 

As a mountain family that has tried endlessly to get our kids to love hiking, here are our top easy hikes for kids in Canmore that may help you accomplish just that. These hikes are easy, gorgeous, and doable for most people. 

Pro Tip: Chips at the top and gummy bears along the way are game-changers! #whateverittakes

Grotto Canyon, Canada. Winter time. Snowy cliffs and a person walking in the snow.
Grotto Canyon Trail

1. Grotto Canyon Trail: 4.8 km/3 miles

This fun and exciting hike takes you through a narrow canyon where you can discover hoodoos, pictographs on the canyon walls, and a waterfall at the end. 

On a hot summer day, you will have an opportunity to cool off in the water that flows through the canyon. In the winter, you’ll get a chance to try ice walking! Pack a pair of removable ice cleats for a more enjoyable (and safe!) experience. 

On most days, you will find ice climbers ascending the frozen waterfall at the end of the trail. The kids will love watching them - just be sure to keep a safe distance due to the possibility of falling ice.

Grassi Lakes Trai, Canada. Emerald green lake. A girl with a backpack hiking in a forest.
Grassi Lakes Trail

 2. Grassi Lakes Trail: 4.3 km/2.7 miles

This relatively short hike ends up at two stunning turquoise lakes and offers amazing vistas and viewpoints on the quick walk-up. You will find lush forests, trickling waterfalls, and scenic views of Canmore. There are many spots that are perfect for a picnic once you reach the top. 

If you’re lucky, you may find rock climbers at the top. Please stay within the allowed boundaries if you wish to watch them. Falling debris and rocks is a real risk. If you’re at a safe distance, it is amazing to watch their skill and strength.

Troll Falls Trail, Canda. Winter. Big rock surrounded by snowy trees.
Troll Falls Trail

3. Troll Falls Trail: 3.4 km/2.1 miles

This easy hike leads to Troll Falls, a beautiful waterfall surrounded by forest. There are many things to explore on your way to the falls - including some trolls hidden up in the trees. Keep your kids busy trying to find the trolls. When you do find them, please leave them there for other hikers to enjoy!

In the winter, the falls are frozen and are very slippery. Please be extremely cautious with the ice. Make sure to stay on the designated trail. It is not advisable to climb to the top of the falls (summer or winter). Unfortunately, this decision has resulted in injury and death for some. 

 Heart Creek Trail, Canada. Forest and snowy mountain view.
Heart Creek Trail

4. Heart Creek Trail: 6 km/3.7 miles

This hike is another favourite in our family. It is relatively flat (except for a brief bit at the beginning) and guides you along another gorgeous canyon that leads to yet another gorgeous waterfall! There are many sights to take in along the way and kids have fun crossing the many bridges that follow the creek along the way. 

Johnson Canyon Trail, Canada. Winter, snowy waterfall
Johnson Canyon Trail

5. Johnson Canyon Trail: 2.4 km/1.5 miles - to lower falls, 5.2 km/3.2 miles - to upper falls

This is a well-used and well-maintained trail that leads to absolutely stunning waterfalls. It is the busiest trail on this list but for good reason. For the effort required, the payoff is enormous. It’s hard to believe such beauty exists in our backyard.

If you tackle any of these hikes, we would love to see pictures of your adventures! If you post any of your amazing photos on Instagram, please tag #beheremore or @adriana_storms so we can see what you’ve been up to!!

If you have any other family hike recommendations, please contact us. We’re always adding to the list.

Happy hiking, y’all!

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